Cultural Studies Of James Joyce por R. Brandon Kershner

R. Brandon Kershner - Cultural Studies Of James Joyce

R. Brandon Kershner - Cultural Studies Of James Joyce

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The first volume to collect essays from the emergent field of cultural studies that specifically address the work of James Joyce, Cultural Studies of James Joyce includes work from both well-established Joyce scholars such as Margot Norris and Cheryl Herr and by such younger writers as Tracey Teets Schwarze and Paul Saint-Amour. Topics range over the whole field of culture, from "Nipper" the Victrola dog to the statuary of Praxitiles, from the Tank Girl comics to studies of Irish schizophrenia, from the history of University College Dublin to the political ferment over choral singing at the turn of the century. The volume should be of interest to Joyceans, to students of literature and culture in the twentieth century, and especially to those interested in the interactions of different cultural levels between the nineteenth century and our own time. An introductory survey by R. Brandon Kershner discusses the rise of cultural studies and places the issue within modern debates in literary theory.


  • Título Original: Cultural Studies Of James Joyce
  • Los autores: R. Brandon Kershner
  • Editor: BRILL/RODOPI
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 15.11.2014
  • Género: Literatura y ficción
  • ISBN: 9042009969
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  • Idioma: Español
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